Battery Saver Lollipop Pro allows you to setany aspect of Android 5.0 Lollipop’s system battery saver feature.Android Lollipop finally included its own battery saver mode, butunfortunately, it’s fairly limited as far as customizing itsfeatures goes. That is where BatterySaver Lollipop PRO jumps in.

• Enable battery saver while the screen is off (pre-Marshmallowonly)
• Support for automation and third-party launchers
• Separate shortcuts for toggling, enabling and disabling
• Enable when a certain battery percentage is reached (Anypercentage can be set)
• Enable when a certain battery temperature is reached
• Enable battery saver while a specific app is running
• Toggle battery saver mode via a home screen shortcut (One clickonly)
• Toggle battery saver mode via a notification
• Enable / Disable battery saver mode at a specific time
• Disable battery saver mode at a specific time
• Restore battery saver mode after charger is disconnected
• Hide ugly orange system bars while battery saver is enabled(Set-up via PC needed)
• Tiny memory footprint
• NO root required

How much battery can be saved?
This app relies on Android’s built-in battery saver mode andaugments it with intelligent and configurable logic to save as muchpower as possible while maintaining reasonable performance. Thismeans it does not perform some shadowy hocus-pocus that may or maynot work, but a battery saver mode that was written by theAndroid engineers themselves and guaranteed to save more than90 minutes of battery life according to their officialdescription.
In order to save energy, battery saver mode reduces:
• Background data of other apps
• CPU and GPU speed
• Location Services
• Vibration
• Screen Brightness


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BatterySaver Lollipop PRO v1.1.5 / Alternative Link