Android 5.0, Marshmallow is now supported, you still need root

★★★★☆ 4.25 / 225 as of 2015-02-13
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Need more info please

The app will turn off mobile data, started a few minutes after screen off. and then try to enable data, in incremental delays. At midnight (started 0am), data won’t be enabled again until 6am.
If you turn on screen, data will be enabled again.

Does it play well with Greenify / battery guru / Juice defender / DU Battery?

battery guru: not compatible
Using this app, network location is not required
Greenify: NOT compatible
Juice defender, DU Battery: not compatible

My incoming chat message delayed

While saving battery, this app try as much as possible to minimize delayed message (chat, or email)

My data connection turned off after 1 minutes?

When battery low, data connection turned off after 1 minutes. When charging, data connection will always on

What is eat some herb for?

It will kill unused applications, only when system idle

What is auto hibernate for?

This feature will hibernate applications automatically to greatly save battery. Hibernated app will not run again, until you run it again from launcher. Hibernate is similiar to Doze mode in marshmallow.
Long press to exclude/include app, see Hibernate tab. System apps excluded by default. This feature is self learning and smartly choose which app to be hibernated.
By using auto hibernate, your Android will be more secure because no more malware spying in background.
Please don’t use Greenify because conflict with this feature.

What options most people use?

☑ Eat red herbs
☑ Do not manage Wi-Fi
☑ Enable auto hibernate
☑ Allow stop other user
☐ I’m a zombie (unchecked)
☐ Eat some herbs

OK complete feature list?

– Battery saver
– Very light application, so the app itself dont suck battery
– Manage mobile data connection using smart algorithm
– No complex settings, all features activated for you
– Dashclock extension
– Night mode (To turn off: ☑  I’m a zombie)
– Minimize delayed message
– Kill unused applications when idle (☑  Eat some herb)
– Kill google services when idle
– Battery statistic to show deep sleep
– Automatic turn off Wi-Fi when not connected
– Android Lollipop,Marshmallow supported #need root
– Automatic turn off bluetooth, when not connected
– End foreground app (app like firefox still running javascript after screen off) (☑  Eat red herb)

New features from ZEMB Full:
– New user interface (material design)
– Disable service temporary
– Wi-Fi is now managed
– Automatically disable vibrate (<50%) and sync (<15%) when low battery
– Auto hibernate: automatic apps hibernation to greatly save battery #need root
– Stop other user: will stop background apps from secondary user in multi-user environment #need root


  • Battery Saver: ZEMB Full Screenshot
  • Battery Saver: ZEMB Full Screenshot
  • Battery Saver: ZEMB Full Screenshot
  • Battery Saver: ZEMB Full Screenshot
  • Battery Saver: ZEMB Full Screenshot
  • Battery Saver: ZEMB Full Screenshot
  • Battery Saver: ZEMB Full Screenshot
  • Battery Saver: ZEMB Full Screenshot