Automatic Battery Repair v1.2 [Paid] [Latest]

Automatic Battery Repair

Automatic Battery Repair has showed its effect on 10 different Android devices (Tablets and phones) that had problems with battery indication and charging. This app will improve and increase your battery life by 70%
and its job is to ensure that your device is charging properly and that the battery indication is working in a proper way.

Automatic Battery Repair Service:
– Automatic detection of proper battery charging.
– Automatic optimization.
– Automatic calibration while device is plugged to a power source for charging (USB or AC).
– You do not need to worry When to do battery optimization Because it is done in an automatic service and if you close the app the service will keep running in the background and it does not consume high ram usage, it is an optimized service.
– You can set the application as a system app (optional)

Normal Battery Repair:
You should know how to repair the battery by following the provided instructions.
With Automatic Battery Repair Service you do not have to worry about battery problems.
(Optional) Make sure that you use the “Remember” option in SuperUser application in order to grant access automatically.


  • Automatic Battery Repair Screenshot
  • Automatic Battery Repair Screenshot
  • Automatic Battery Repair Screenshot


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