Many a times after seeing a particular image you wonder that it would have been perfect if that image would have had your name or Signature Displayed on it. But now with the help of “Signature Stamp on Photo” Application, you can insert any Text on the Image you Click as part of your Signature very easily.

Just Snap images as usual as you do and the Application will Automatically insert your Preferred Text Signature on it where ever you want on the Image.

☾ Features of “Signature Stamp on Photo” Application ☽

✌ On/Off Functionality
✌ Use your Default Phone Camera
✌ Set Signature Text According to your Convenience
✌ Choose preferred location to Stamp the Signature
✌ Choose Text Format from Varieties of Font
✌ Text Available in Various Colors

This Application is very much user friendly because all it requires to function perfectly is one setup. You just need to set up all of your Requirements and that’s it. Click images as you normally do with your Mobile Phone’s Default Camera and the Application will Display your Signature.

Unlike other Applications in which you need to Click Images with their App Default Camera, “Signature Stamp on Photo” let’s you use your Default Smartphone Camera Only so that you can use all of your Camera Functionalities.


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Auto Signature Stamp on Photo v1.19 [Pro] / Alternative Link

Auto Signature Stamp on Photo Pro v1.16 / Altenative Link