Pixel Launcher – an exclusive shell for Pixel smartphones and Pixel C tablet. With the release of the test version of Android O, it received an update, but it is still unavailable to other devices. Fortunately, there are no restrictions – it can be installed on any smartphone. This launcher is not available on the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to install it with an APK file.

The installation file Pixel Launcher can be downloaded from this link. Before running this file, you need to go into the settings for developers and allow installing applications from unknown sources (that is, bypassing the Google Play Store). There’s nothing wrong with this – Google Play services still conduct anti-virus scanning of any installed application.

You can install Pixel Launcher on any smartphone running Android version 6.0 or higher. Its distinctive features include the presence of a search widget instead of a search line, support for gestures for launching Google Now and moving to the list of installed applications, adapting the size of the icons, as well as a convenient search for applications with the possibility of instant transition to the Play Store. This launcher is extremely minimalistic, it is almost impossible to reconfigure its interface.

Unfortunately, the launcher installed in this way can not be updated automatically.

In order to get the most out of the new features of Android, in addition to Pixel Launcher, it is recommended to install Google Assistant – Google’s digital assistant, which works on the basis of artificial intelligence and replaces Google Now. How to do it?

– Install the latest version of the Google application and any file manager with access to the system partition of the drive (for example, X-Plore or ES Explorer).

– Start the file manager and go to the / system partition, find the build.prop file, open it, change the line with the device model and add one more line:

Ro.product.model = Pixel XL
Ro.opa.eligible_device = true

– Save the build.prop file and exit the file manager.

– Go to system settings and change the device language to English.

– Go to Apps section and delete all data (Clear all data) of the Google application.

– Restart the device and wait a few minutes.

– Click on the home page button – Google Assistant will open instead of Google Search. – To use the Google Assistant in Russian, re-open the language settings and change the device language to Russian. The assistant will not disappear even after you restart the device.
Google Assistant after some time will be available to all smartphones based on Android 6.x and 7.x, and Pixel Launcher will most likely remain exclusive for Pixel devices and will not officially appear on other smartphones.


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  • Pixel Launcher Screenshot
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