★Important Notes
Make sure that Battery Ampere is excluded in any task killer programs; it might fail to work properly otherwise.
★ Temperature Notifications
With temperature notifications, you can control the temperature of your device. By setting a temperature limit,
a notification prompts you if your device begins to overheat past the specified limit.
You can set the temperature to any desired degree. If the battery’s temperature is more than specified temperature,
you will receive constantly recieve notifications.
For example Samsung smartphones are prone to overheating while charging,
this notification system will let you know if your phone begins to do so.
Thus you can interfere before serious damage occurs.
You can Also use the temperature notifications when playing games, to monitor your device and keep it from overheating.⁠
★ Real Time Current Draw
Only works on devices running a version of Android 5.0 or higher.
This feature is not supported in some kernels.
We currently have not extensively tested this feature with a vareity of devices.
★ Widgets
There are 2 widgets with two different themes, light & dark, you can use on the home screen.
The charge status of the device and the battery percentage change by color. (Blue while charging and while discharging:(red while below 15%, orange while below 55%, green while above 55%)
You can monitor the real time current draw of the battery in the top of the widget.
Battery charge status, battery percentage and battery temperature are also available.
If you add more than one widget to the main screen, you will get the message prompt saying “Wait!”, so that the application can synchronize all the widgets.

★ Background
When running in the background, the CPU and RAM usage is very low.
The application has been optimized.
Battery usage is minimal as it protects your battery.
★ Root Check
The program does not require Root permission.
You can query root permission.
There is no need to download a separate application for Root check.
Root check with one click.
★ Battery capacity
It show you the full battery capacity and it will
also show you the capacity of a powerbanks as well
What’s New
★Bug fixed


The app was not found in the store. 🙁