To convert your Android from 3G to 4G anysoftware required hardware modification.
This app does not change your any of our device Hardware or Software configuration it simply a prank app though which you can make your friends full by saying your Phone works on 4G Speed.
Its just a Prank app .

Now experience app in 13 Languages.
No Ads!!!
Phone Details
Get IMEI Number
Android Version
Get Manufacturer Name
Get You IP Address
Network Connectivity Sate
Phone Resolution
Current Country Code & many more details

SIM Card Details
Get Sim Operator Name
Get SIM Number
Track SIM card Location
Get Sim Card Balance amount
Get Your Own Mobile Number

Speed Check
Get Data Uploading/Downloading Speed
Get Wifi,5G,3G,2G Speed

★Supported Language
● English US
● English UK
● Spanish
● French
● Japanese
● Hindi
● Russian
● German
● Arabic
● Portuguese
● System language

★Whats Special

● Smooth & Fast Performance
● Easy To use
● Lollipop UI
● No In App
● No Restriction
● Less RAM Consumption
● Small Apk Size
● Cool Animation
● Less Power Consumption
● No unwanted permissions needed (secure!)


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3G To 4G Converter PRO v1.1 /Alternative Link